Andrea, born in 1991, is an italian artist based in Brussels, Belgium.

She studied at the Carrara Fine Arts Academy where in 2014 she graduated in Design and Visual Arts.

In the same year, she moves to Brussels where she completely dedicate herself to analog photography.

With her work and research, she wants to create a synergy between her background, her italian origins and her relationship with other artists.

Through photography she explores her own identity and the image of her body.

Self portrait becomes an investigation and introspective lexicon, not only directed to herself but also to one's own uncontrollable emotions, creating the possibility to see and observe herself from outside.

Her main goal is to witness what she's feeling in that exact moment and her aesthetic aims to join her body with the environment that surrounds it, creating a unique artistic image.

Her world is influenced by the encounter of artists of all kind and by capturing them she offers an image of them through her own eyes.


2010/2014 Academy of Fine Arts, Carrara (Italy)

Design and Visual Arts, focus on photography and audiovisual arts.

2015/2017 Art School Le Septante-cinq, Brussels (Belgium)

Analogic photography, darkroom and negative film development.


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